Success story: Billing system renewal with

A completely new approach to billing system renewal with

OpusCapita Group transferred its transaction-based product invoicing to Salesforce, targeting a comprehensive 360° view of customer lifecycle and invoicing management.

OpusCapita privides financial process automation services to its B2B customers in nine European countries. Due to rapid growth and acquisitions OpusCapita were in situation to renew and improve its invoicing concept. Several invoicing platforms and processes were about to be consolidated into one common structure. With Projeca’s help and competence in large scale billing system migration projects OpusCapita succeeded in rolling out a new based invoicing concept. In contrast to the traditional billing system migration projects, less resources and money was used and the results were achieved faster.

In OpusCapita, Salesforce was used for CRM processes. In the beginning of the billing system project, the possibilities of expanding Salesforce into a comprehensive customer lifecycle management tool were investigated. What appeared to be revolutionary was the easiness of finding an invoicing management application and trying them out in prototyping manner to ensure the fit for the business requirements OpusCapita had. Traditionally billing system renewals had been massive, waterfall approached programs that were prone to expensive change requests to the system provider. Using the framework, it was possible to get a direct hands-on experience right at the beginning of the project and continue with a truly agile manner.

Projeca helped OpusCapita to define the requirements, evaluate existing invoicing applications and lead the transformation project from the beginning to the rollout. The top management in OpusCapita branded the project the most successful IT project in its history. In our success story we will lead you through the history of the project and demonstrate how we achieved the results.